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This Site is dedicated to the ex-pupils of those early years at Nunnery Wood School, Worcester - the first few years intake. Those lucky ones who were the original inmates; the first to be caned and detained in that glorious mid 50s building. Those fortunate few ...

But mainly, it is dedicated to the FUN we had and the FUN we are going to have at the Golden Jubilee Re-union in September 2004 - 50 years on from the day those first intrepid pupils entered its gates, and the fun we shall have at all future Re-unions

Read the History of the site here.

In a fit of generosity, it has been decided to open this site to ALL ex-pupils of Nunnery Wood Secondary Modern School AND of Nunnery Wood High School. If you are an ex-pupil, this is the site for you!

Check for the latest news of other ex-pupils on the Members pages, and of forthcoming Reunions on the Re-unions pages. If we are looking for special information from you, it will be listed on the Appeals page.


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